JSAV Digital Services Keeps You Connected and Engaged

It’s a new era of event technology and it’s our job to not only keep up, but be ahead of the digital curve. JSAV’s department of Digital Services is proud to offer a suite of products to both meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse client base, as well as enhance the experience of meeting staff and attendees. All of the core supporting hardware is company-owned and maintained by our staff. The JSAV team builds all of our digital products, and they are reviewed & revised regularly to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers.

Web Streaming 

Place interactivity at the heart of your meetings and events. For many reasons, webcasting and streaming can be an excellent way to extend the effectiveness of your event. Webcasts can be used for marketing and promotion to the masses, for distance or e-learning purposes, or offer it as an additional benefit for absentee attendees who can’t travel.

Our web streaming product is a full white-label offering that is delivered via a robust cloud infrastructure. Utilizing a relatively minimal equipment package, we can offer a fully-produced, live webcast. This system is instantly scalable, supporting audiences of 50 or 50,000 viewers (and beyond). The scalability of JSAV’s web streaming service makes it ideal for everything from branded social media, live webcasts, to additional revenue streams through virtual meeting opportunities.

Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage offering is a product that can is deployable in almost any configuration imaginable. From wayfinding to sponsor acknowledgment, this solution can be appealing for several reasons:

• Environmentally-friendly alternative to printed materials
• Flexibility to change layouts and data based on daily agenda or last-minute changes
• Integration of rich media, including social displays, custom video, and real-time announcements

Presentation Management

Conference Content, JSAV’s proprietarty presentation management system, is a solution that has been developed with many years of conference and meeting experience in mind. After receiving presenter and session data from our client, our system distributes a customizable email to all registered presenters. At the center of this email is a unique link that takes the presenter directly to their personalized dashboard, showing them all of the sessions in which they are participating as a presenter. From this dashboard, they can upload session materials and revise them as needed. Conference planners also have access to a unique dashboard, providing access to at-a-glance statistics on presentations that have been collected as well as a searchable file list. This integrates seamlessly with our on-site system that is deployed to the speaker ready room and individual breakout rooms.

Computer Hardware

JSAV has invested in an inventory of computer hardware to serve the ever-changing needs of our clients best. This inventory is rental-grade and can be used in client offices, at registration desks, meeting rooms, expo halls, and as production graphics computers.

Networking and Connectivity

Our inventory of computer networking equipment allows for integration with and expansion of venue networks, as well as the creation of event-specific wired and wireless networks. Typically this service is offered in conjunction with one of the other Digital Services offerings such as computer hardware rentals and presentation management.